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Chief Instructor

Jason Rawlings Sensei

I began my martial arts training in
Longmont Colorado in 1992 through a parks and recreation program. I got
interested in Aikido through a supervisor at work and through watching Steven
Seagal movies. I trained in Colorado for 2 years before moving to


It took a few years to settle back into Aikido after the move. It was difficult to train in
Aikido at the time, so I trained in the arts of Hapkido, and then American Kenpo
Karate, until I made my way back to Aikido. After the break from Aikido, I
realized now more than ever that Aikido was the art for me.




I started training at Utah Aikikai in 1998 under owner and founder Hugh Young Sensei. Young Sensei trained at a number of dojos, including Hombu Dojo in Japan. After moving to Salt Lake he opened Utah Aikikai and introduced his style of Aikido. Training close with
Young Sensei for a number of years I fell in love with his style and teaching method.




Young Sensei later moved and left the dojo in the hands of Rick Berardini Sensei. With Hugh Young Sensei leaving I took it upon myself to keep his style of Aikido alive. I trained for a number of yearsunder Berardini Sensei earning my 1st and 2nd degree black belts at Utah Aikikai through Hombu Dojo in Japan.  I also took advantage of the opportunity to train in Utah County with Terry Gettling Sensei. I would teach at Utah Aikikai and
train with Sensei Gettling in Utah County as often as I could.


Gettling Sensei is an incredible martial artist
and teacher. It gave me the opportunity to continue to be taught and also the
opportunity to teach Young Sensei's style of Aikido. Training with Gettling
Sensei I got involved in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It complemented Aikido nicely. I
found Professor Pedro Sauer teaching in Orem, Utah at that time. I trained with
Professor Sauer for a couple years along with training with Gettling Sensei.
Studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with Professor Sauer was a chance in a life




I hope to bring my experience in the
martial arts, particularly Aikido, to my classes. My dream is to teach the
Aikido that I have learned from some of the finest instructors anywhere. To
teach the art as a way of life, not just self defense on the mat.


Utah Aikikai  1998-2012
KanshaAikido / Utah Valley Aikido  2002-2009
BJJ - Professor Pedro Sauer 2004-2005
American Kenpo Karate  1996-1997, 2011-2012
Hapkido 1995
Longmont Aikido  1992-1994


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